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The Options are Heating up in 1DSPs Discord!

The Options Channel for members is an amazing place to start and learn how to trade options with as low as $100. If you do a quick trade on $100 dollars 30% is $30; a great return on a quick trade. There is a 1k Option Challenge that is for members to learn and win trading options. The challenge starts with $100 in your account and you trade side by side with your peers and the mods. The goal is to take your account to $1k and the first one wins. The prize is yet to be determined but you will be up $900 dollars while learning how to trade options. WIN - WIN! I have a brief explanation of how to play options and some supporting videos. Also, below you will find two of our alerts that both yield over 110% each! Just click here and join now and see how you can get started!

Here is the introduction into Options:

HOW TO PLAY OPTIONS $1DSP have a number of OPTIONS traders including MODS & HOSTS. Not everyone has options (no pun intended) to play options. With most brokers, you must apply to trade options. FYI: Robinhood allows option trading for anyone and is still commission FREE even with options. WHEN & WHERE DO OPTION ALERTS GET POSTED? An option alert can be posted at any time. They are usually posted in #option-alerts but can also be posted on the #trading-floor at times. --- HOW DO I BUY & SELL OPTIONS? This would be a long post if I tried to explain options here. Instead, take a look at this great video that explains the basics of options really well. 📷

Here are some additional resource that will help. Doc's basic approach to options:

Strangles and Straddles which is better? ANSWER:

The options are tracked and the results are amazing. I will post a few examples with charts for you to better illustrate the powerful moves options will make on the alerts given to members. Join the team and bank like we do !!! The following charts below are the price action for the option price to graph the price action for you.

The Option Alert given on the SPY on Wednesday was a call option at the $258 strike price. The price alert given at $124 per contract noted by the blue line on the bottom. The maximum gain potential on the trade was $268 per contract. The opportunity to get out with multiple opportunities is noted by the top longer blue line at $2.25. The potential gain there is 116.13%! AMAZING! I will provide another example on how were are killing it in option trades will alerts intraday with opportunities of huge gains. The Option Alert given

on AMD on Wednesday was a put option at the $19 strike price. The price alert given at .38 per contract noted by the lower blue line to the left. The maximum gain potential on the trade was .91 per contract. The opportunity to exit the trade was Thursday at .91 per contract noted by the upper blue line. The potential gain there is 139.17%. SUPER AMAZING! Please join us for an opportunity to make huge gains and win and grow with our team of technical experts. We enjoy the fruits of our labors and for a limited time you can take a sneak peak. Just click on the link here to join the action!

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