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End of Day Playlist 3%+ GAINERS!

The End of Day (EOD) Playlist was set up for members to find the advantage of trading before close and exiting the next day. You may ask yourself, self, "How do i play the EOD playlist"


HOW TO PLAY THE EOD PLAYLIST $1DSP runs their custom scanner to produce a number of stock picks that have a high probability of gaining at least 3% or more the next trading day. When do the alerts get posted? We will post the EOD PLAYLIST 30-60 minutes before the closing bell every trading day. --- When do we buy the picks on the EOD PLAYLIST? We don't tell anyone when to buy. However, we do post an ALERT PRICE for each pick. That alert price is simply the price the stock was at when we got it from the scan. That price may be higher or lower by the time we post the alert. It is up to you to get in at the best price possible. It's common for the price to fall a bit before the closing bell, so we recommend checking the chart and deciding whether to get in right away or waiting. We will sometimes re-issue the alert if the price drops significantly before the closing bell. If you plan to play the EOD PLAYLIST, you should buy in before the closing bell or in after hours if you have access. --- When do we sell? We will never tell you when to sell. That's illegal. We do sell for profits the very next trading day. This eliminates the need for a day trade. If you have access to Pre-Market, you can sell during pre-market for profits and it is NOT a day trade. --- 3% GOAL We promote a conservative strategy that focuses on daily gains of only 3%. Anything more is a bonus. There is a high probability of our EOD PLAYLIST picks gaining 3% the next day, so many will set a limit sell order for 3% so they can catch that spike at opening bell. Depending on your risk tolerance, you may choose to not set a SL or LIMIT ORDER and watch it yourself. Many will wait and once your pick passes 3%, set a SL at 3% to lock in those gains, but let it continue moving up. You can move up your SL as the price continues going up.(edited)

---- What if a pick gaps down? We never know when this will happen and we don't anticipate that or it would not have made the list. But in the unfortunate event it does happen, there a couple strategies to get out. 1) Look for support on the chart and decide whether or not you want to wait it out and play a potential bounce off support. We've seen many times when a pick will gap down, bounce off support and make a killer run for the day giving us great gains. 2) Cut your losses as quickly as possible and let the other picks make up for that loss. Overall, our EOD PLAYLIST has won 85.71% of the time since we launched with average gains of +7.25%. Play these odds and you'll do well over time. --- Do we buy the entire list? What you buy is entirely up to you. If you want similar results as the EOD PLAYLIST results, you'll need to distribute your capital equally among all four picks. Remember... that doesn't mean buy "X" amount fo shares for each pick, it means use the same amount of capital for each pick. Example EOD PLAYLIST: Stock A $1 Stock B $2 Stock C $4 and Stock D $.50 Let's say you have $400 to play with... You would need to put $100 into each pick. So you would purchase: 100 shares of A, 50 shares of B, 25 shares of C and 200 shares of D. Doing this will give you similar results to the EOD PLAYLIST

So there you have it! And currently our EOD Plays average over 8% potential gains daily. So try to compound that in your account and see what happens.

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