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The Daytrade Alerts can be the most profitable trades we make. Described below this is how we do it. Join the team and win! Click here for sneak peak at the action.

HOW TO DAY TRADE (Scalp) WITH $1DSP $1DSP MODS have their own scanners, resources and strategies that give them stock picks with a high probability of small to large gains in a short period of time. WHEN DO THE ALERTS GET POSTED? DT or SCALP alerts are posted throughout the day as our MODS discover potential opportunities. Alerts can be posted as early as opening of Pre-Market trading and as late as just before close of After-Hours. When potential opportunities are discovered, they will be posted. --- *WHERE DO THE ALERTS GET POSTED? Most alerts will be posted on the trading floor and the appropriate alerts room. For example, a day trade alert will be posted on the trading floor and in #day-trade-alerts. A swing play alert will be posted on the #trading-floor and in #swing-alerts. To quickly scan through the most recent alerts, just go to the appropriate alerts room.(edited)--- SHOULD WE BUY THE ALERT AS SOON AS IT'S POSTED? We will never tell you to buy or sell a stock. That's illegal. We do alert you of potential opportunities. And when we do, we will usually give you an alert price. You can buy the alert or ignore the alert. The choice is always yours. We typically research an alert starting with it's current chart to see if it's a play we should get into. I personally, never buy an alert right when it's posted. I ALWAYS wait for it to reach, exceed and establish support at that alert price. --- WHAT IF THE PRICE IS LOWER THAN THE ALERT? SHOULDN'T WE JUMP ON THAT? Let's say we alert stock XYZ over $2. So you go look at that stock and it's currently at 1.79. Most people would think they should get in right away at the lower price. I WOUDN'T DO THAT!!! Typically, if we alert a stock at $2, that means watch it over $2 because currently that could be resistance. But if it breaks above $2 it could create support and make another run up from there. If you decide to buy early at 1.79, sure it could go back to 2, but that's resistance and there is a good chance it gets rejected and falls back down from there. Often, it will drop below your entry price and you get stuck holding a bag. So I would NOT buy below the alert price because that's the danger zone. Above the alert price with confirmation of new support is the SAFEST play.(edited)

WHY WE DON'T BUY EARLY! Here's an example of why NOT to buy early... This was a SCALP alert for NTN 📷 2.56. It was alerted in that shaded area. If you jumped in early or without it breaking over 2.56 or creating support, you would be holding a bag. Maybe you bought it right at 2.57, but then it dropped in the same candle and never recovered. This is why you must wait for it to establish support. Don't let FOMO get the best of you. That's how most traders end up LOSING big.(edited)📷

WHEN SHOULD WE SELL? Again, we will never tell you when to sell. But we do encourage our members to TAKE PROFITS and take them often. Typically, when you're up on a play, you could consider setting a SL to lock in at least 3% profits. Then as the trade continues to go in your favor, you can adjust your SL on the way. Look for resistance levels. You might consider scaling out at each resistance level by selling 1/2, then let the other half continue. At next resistance you might consider selling 1/2 of the 1/2 you have left. Lock in those profits and let your remaining 25% ride. Then at the next resistance level, consider getting out completely. --- WHAT IF THE STOCK TANKS ON ME? Every trade has a level of risk that you should be OK with. Here we are talking about a DAY TRADE. So you should be prepared to get out as quickly as possible if the alert happened to not work in your favor. You will still be successful if you cut your losses early and let your winners run. --- IF I DON'T HAVE A DAY TRADE LEFT, CAN I STILL TRADE THESE ALERTS? You can do whatever you want. However, I would NEVER get into one of these alerts if I don't have a day trade available. Most DT/SCALP alerts are exactly that. They are not hold over night alerts. These will see a nice POP for day traders to take profits, but will usually retrace back to lower levels and in some cases even lower levels than the alert price. It is EXTREMELY risky to try to play a DT/SCALP alert with no way out of the trade.--- WHAT'S THE PDT RULE? If you do not have an account with more than $25,000 dollars worth of equity and cash, you are not allowed to make more than 3 day trades in any rolling 5 day period. If you attempt to make a 4th day trade within a 5-day period, you will be flagged as a Pattern Day Trader and your account will be suspended for 90 days. If you're a newer trader, you can trade at a conservative pace by using 1 day trade every other day. You will never be flagged if you trade at that pace because your 1st Day Trade will reset before your next day trade. Example: DT 1 - Monday, DT 2 - Wednesday, DT 3 - Friday, DT 1 will reset Monday and be available for you to make DT 4 on Tuesday, DT 2 will reset on Wednesday and be available for you to make DT 5 on Thursday, and so on...--- I HEARD THERE ARE SOME BROKERS THAT LET YOU DAY TRADE FREELY. There are several options that allow you to make unlimited day trades. Please see a list of BROKERS in our BROKERAGE REVIEWS category.

There is another article that has highlighted our daytrading success. Click here to join the team and win at This is where our newcomers are taking accounts of $100 to $1,000 and higher in a short time frame.

SAEX -- Daytrade Alert at $2.73 with potential exit $4.32 for 55.40% gain!

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The Options Channel for members is an amazing place to start and learn how to trade options with as low as $100. If you do a quick trade on $100 dollars 30% is $30; a great return on a quick trade. There is a 1k Option Challenge that is for members to learn and win trading options. The challenge starts with $100 in your account and you trade side by side with your peers and the mods. The goal is to take your account to $1k and the first one wins. The prize is yet to be determined but you will be up $900 dollars while learning how to trade options. WIN - WIN! I have a brief explanation of how to play options and some supporting videos. Also, below you will find two of our alerts that both yield over 110% each! Just click here and join now and see how you can get started!

Here is the introduction into Options:

HOW TO PLAY OPTIONS $1DSP have a number of OPTIONS traders including MODS & HOSTS. Not everyone has options (no pun intended) to play options. With most brokers, you must apply to trade options. FYI: Robinhood allows option trading for anyone and is still commission FREE even with options. WHEN & WHERE DO OPTION ALERTS GET POSTED? An option alert can be posted at any time. They are usually posted in #option-alerts but can also be posted on the #trading-floor at times. --- HOW DO I BUY & SELL OPTIONS? This would be a long post if I tried to explain options here. Instead, take a look at this great video that explains the basics of options really well. 📷

Here are some additional resource that will help. Doc's basic approach to options:

Strangles and Straddles which is better? ANSWER:

The options are tracked and the results are amazing. I will post a few examples with charts for you to better illustrate the powerful moves options will make on the alerts given to members. Join the team and bank like we do !!! The following charts below are the price action for the option price to graph the price action for you.

The Option Alert given on the SPY on Wednesday was a call option at the $258 strike price. The price alert given at $124 per contract noted by the blue line on the bottom. The maximum gain potential on the trade was $268 per contract. The opportunity to get out with multiple opportunities is noted by the top longer blue line at $2.25. The potential gain there is 116.13%! AMAZING! I will provide another example on how were are killing it in option trades will alerts intraday with opportunities of huge gains. The Option Alert given

on AMD on Wednesday was a put option at the $19 strike price. The price alert given at .38 per contract noted by the lower blue line to the left. The maximum gain potential on the trade was .91 per contract. The opportunity to exit the trade was Thursday at .91 per contract noted by the upper blue line. The potential gain there is 139.17%. SUPER AMAZING! Please join us for an opportunity to make huge gains and win and grow with our team of technical experts. We enjoy the fruits of our labors and for a limited time you can take a sneak peak. Just click on the link here to join the action!

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