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Day Trading Alert Results Average over 14%

Last week was a short week in trading. We had 3 trading days and one half day. And we still managed to pick some winning trades intraday. Take a look at some of these post and the potential gains on these stock called in our day trading alerts channel.

For a sneak peak at our server please visit:

The day trading callers post in real time for our members:

The day trading alerts happen from 8am EST and go until 230pm EST. The example to the left these two stocks were alerted on November 23rd within the same hour. Potential 40% gains!

The results are pictured to the left are calculated same day and posted in a results channel to track our success. On any given day there maybe 10-12 calls per trading day.

Another example to the right shows two different stock callers giving out day trading alerts. Please see for more information. DOGZ had a potential of 18%+ gains and ORPN entry

was not trigger so it was not added.

On November 21st, we had to winners that exceed our members expectations. INPX had a potential over over 60% gains and ABIL had a potential over 127% gains. And again on the list there are on average 10-12 calls per trading day.

On November 20th, ANY yield a potential 107% and INPX with a potential of 41%.

BLCM had a potential of nearly 8% gains!

I know that seeing is believe so it would be an excellent opportunity for you to follow this link and join a trading group that cares about it's member and will dedicate their time and research to those that are willing to learn and grow with the team. To check out more detailed examples and undertand the layout of our server please join us at .

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