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Continued Success with Day Trading Alerts!

Last week there were great intraday runners alerted live for our members in the Day Trading Alerts Channel. For a sneak peak at our server please visit:

On Monday, November 26, 2018, I would like to highlight 5 calls all over 30%.

Along with the potential intraday gain we also post the online messages in our chat that support each claim. All alerts are recorded and tracked to show our success. We have more than one person calling plays in

our daily trade alert channel. They brought in 16 day trading alerts and 5 of them were over 30% potential gain for the day. If you want a week pass just because you are curious click here for instant access to the server . I have several more examples of our Day Trading Alerts!

On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, I would like to highlight 2 alerts; one 17% and the other

200%+ potential gains. If you missed out on Monday for some reason you could have made up for it on Tuesday for sure. So, out of 13 calls there were two star calls with most over and average of 5-6% for the day.

On average we will have any where from 10-15 day trading alerts. And usually a handful of them are over 10% potential gains traded intraday in the matter of 30mins - 90mins.

On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, I would like to highlight 4 alerts that brought in a potential gain of 10% or greater. On this day we did have a 100%+ runner that was alerted

for the members to trade. It was another great day at

These two were at it again calling the best stocks for our members. Only two more days of this week to over, are you ready to check it out and see for yourself. Free pass here -----> <---------

On Thursday, November 29, 2018, I would like to highlight 7 alerts all over 15% with multiple opportunities throughout the day to make solid gains. There were three that exceeding the

expectations of our members; with potential gains of 41%, 64%, and 121%. Now you know why traders are joining this explosive online trading community. This is only 5 of the call with the time stamp just to keep

short and sweet to the point. The important alerts are included such as ASNS, TRIL, and ADIL found by our scanner in real time.

On Friday, November 30, 2018, I would like to highlight another 5 alerts alerted with several others well over 5% potential gains.

These 5 were 20% or greater for the last day of the week what a way to end the week with all those potential gains. On Friday we had at least 4 traders alerting stocks as we do most days but once again here you go!

All you have to do is stop by and say hi and that you are new and we will show you around at

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